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What you need to know.


Photographed by thatrawshooter 

Policy Information : POLICIES


- ALL booking/retainer deposits are non refundable and non negotiable. 

- I’m strictly on a first come first serve basis, no booking fee = no appointment.

- There is a $35 early morning fee (per hour) if needing an appointment scheduled before 9am.

- Upon booking online, you are agreeing to come to my home studio in Maumelle, Arkansas unless discussed otherwise.

- Your appointment time is your appointment time. Please do not try to come into my home studio, especially without letting me know that you’re here, any more than 5 minutes before your appointment time.

- If you are in need of a weekend appointment, I recommend booking 4-6 weeks ahead of time as my weekends get booked up early and quick.

- No more than 1 guest occupying you as there is limited seating.

- No children.

- For regular appointments: after 15 minutes, you will owe a $25 late fee.

- For regular appointments: your appointment will be cancelled and null after 25 minutes.

- For weddings: a $30 late fee will be applied every 25 minutes after said time that was discussed and agreed on.

- I do not offer trials (or provide discounted services unless posted to my social medias otherwise) to appointments that aren’t booking for Weddings/Bridals services.

- If you have any further questions regarding appointments or booking, please email me at


- (following for regular appointments) You will owe a $25 late fee if you are 15 minutes late. You are only allowed to be a maximum of 25 minutes late, for which if you’re any later than that, you will have to reschedule which will also be the only reschedule before you have to pay another booking fee. 

- You’ll have to pay another booking fee after your 3rd reschedule, this is when you notify me at least 24 hours (1 day) before your appointment. If you wait until the day of your scheduled appointment to message me, you’ll only be allowed 1 reschedule.

- After your first no call no show, you will not be rescheduled.

- For weddings: a $30 late fee will be applied every 25 minutes after said time that was discussed and agreed on. If, for any reason, that I do not have anyone in my chair 2 hours after the discussed and agreed start time, I reserve the right to refuse service and void your appointment and you will still owe the late fee along also in which your booking will not be refunded.


- Please be patient while inquiring as I only respond to inquiries Monday — Thursday during operating business hours due to me being completely booked on the weekends and as Sundays are my off days. 

- I only do business over text/social media for legal purposes. I do not discuss business over the phone.

- All remaining balances after paying the non refundable booking/retainer fee are to be paid in cash only.

- I do not accept checks. Booking deposits are to be paid via online (such as square and/or cash app)

- Your booking invoice/appointment confirmation serves as a contract once the deposit has been received.

-I do not accept payments ahead of time, as things can happen that are out of our control and I cannot afford to babysit money. Understand that if you absolutely have to pay in full ahead of time and something happens, you will receive only 50% of your total back.

- Unfortunately, please no more bringing children. I’m the first one to be completely understandable about not finding sitters and still wanting your makeup done, but children can push time longer than it needs to be and it can be overwhelming on my end. 

- Please be aware that we have cats, if you have an allergy to cats please bring this to my attention prior to your appointment!

- When booking, you are consenting to have your photo/video taken.

- Please limit your phone time and conversations while being serviced.

- Note that I am not responsible for any allergic reactions during and after servicing, especially after consultation. 

- When your appointment is booked, you are confirming that you have read and agreed to all policy information listed. 

- No refunds will be provided for the work completed or services preformed.

- Please be aware that I only offer glam makeup services. I unfortunately do not offer any natural makeup applications. 

- I work with all complexions!

- LGBTQ+ friendly! <3

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